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On-line Conference between Ishik University and Kazan Federal University

On-line Conference between Ishik University and Kazan Federal University

“The dialogue of the West and East: topical issues of contemporary education and pedagogics” was the on-line conference theme where Faculty of Education students participated and received an international certificate from Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation. The Online conference was organized by KFU which is one of the best universities in Russia. It was held on November 22, 2018. Nearly, seventy students and staff members of Education Faculty of Ishik University enthusiastically attended the conference. The participants of the Conference were from different nationalities and cultures. The aim of the conference was to bridge the gap between East and West as the title suggests.

After warm greetings to each other, representatives from two different parts of the world (Republic of Tatarstan/Russia and Kurdistan Region/Iraq) – current undergraduate and graduate students of both universities presented their valuable and concise presentations one after another.

At the end of the conference, International Certificates of Participation were granted to our students and they were given a chance to publish their thesis and reports in the collection of articles of the traditional summer scientific and practical conference “Foreign Languages in the Modern World” (РИНЦ) which is also annually held by KFU.

Apart from presenting ideas and experiences, a positive atmosphere was generated during the conference, hoping to involve further cooperation with the above-mentioned foreign university.

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