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The Faculty of Education in Tishk International University holds a weekly debate competition between several prominent universities of kurdistan aiming to boost up the academic, critical, intellectual, and argumentation skills of undergraduate students of such universities. Among these 16 participant universities, and meanwhile running the 2nd round of the competition, UKH university matches Soran University. The debate session was run on 27th February 2019 and took 1 hour and half. The debate competition witnessed the evaluation of several judges assessing the academic efficiency of the debaters on certain academic rubric. Moreover, the debate contained plenty of audience coming from both universities to support and witness of their representative teams. The title of the Debate was the following:

Should tablet replace text books in universities?

After a rich discussion that included many perspectives and viewpoints, Soran university could have the upper voice of reasoning over the university of UKH and thus was appointed as the winner team for the upcoming round.

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