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Conference Introduction Visits

A delegation from the Education Faculty of Ishik University have visited two universities on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017. The delegation which were composed of (Dr. M. Dogan, Dr. Karzan Mohammad and Mr. Orhan Tug) paid a fruitful visit to both Garmian and Halabja Universities.

The journey started by an early morning visit to the University of Garmian at which they met the president of Garmian University whom showed great hospitality and welcome. Both parties discussed the routes toward tightening the academic connections and future collaborations. Ishik University personnel presented their agenda of international and national conferences in the current academic year with clarifications of ways of participation, registration, and attendance in those conferences with all privileges and rights they give to the researchers’ participating. The president of Garmian University showed sincere readiness to cooperate and encourage their staff to participate in ISHIK university conferences.

The delegation then headed toward Halabja University where they also met the president of Halabja University who also showed high level of cooperation and the University was so eager to build up further bridges of collaboration and academic understandings. The delegates were so delight to have such a response from Halabja University and promised to start working on building up those bridges.

Finally the delegate left the University of Halabja and set off back to Erbil with great achievements of the goals of advertising the conferences of Ishik Univertsity.

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