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Celebrating Fibonacci Day

On Tuesday, December 12, 2018, Mathematics Education Department has celebrated Fibonacci Day, in which more than 150 students from the faculty were visiting and getting information from the Poster Project Presentation of the mathematics department students about the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers and its importance and relation in our daily life, and real-life examples. The posters were about History of Fibonacci Numbers, the rabbits breeding process of Fibonacci numbers, and Fibonacci numbers in nature, the human body, architecture, Quran, as well as the relation between Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. The event took place in Education Faculty Entrance and started by a visit from about 20 students of Cihan College School to see the event.
Besides of poster presentation, there was a video stand in order to show the participants some other interesting areas where Fibonacci appears in, like Music, wood shaving, seashell… etc. On the other hand, there was a free Fibonacci cake that has been prepared by one of the students on which there were Fibonacci spiral and perfect rectangles. In addition, Dr. Suleyman Celik, Dean of Education Faculty, visited the poster projects. In the end, he cut the cake and the students were sharing the cake, enjoying and engaging the atmosphere.


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