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Scientific trip to MEDIA center


A scientific trip was held on May 25, 2018  to Media center under the supervision of Mr.Umed Arzury . Biology departments second grade  students could get many benefits during this visit. The doctors and Biologists who were working in this center gave a lot of information bout the equipment's and the machines that used in the different laboratories in this center like ( CT scan , X-Ray ,MRI ,and PET)they explained how they work at the same time Media centers staff presented a seminar about their center and how they are behaving and motivating their patients during their work.

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poster presentation


A poster presentation was held on May 24,2018  in the entrance of Education building under the supervision of Dr.Duran kala.  Second grade students of Biology education department presented their posters which where about Orders of Kingdome Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, all students explained their posters one by one. Students presentation were evaluated by other lecturers and they gave their opinion to the presenters.

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insect collection trip


A scientific trip was organized by Biology Education Department of Ishik University. The trip was on May 1st 2018 for second grade students and the staff of the department, it was to Shekh Turab-which is a touristic place in Irbil. The aim of the trip was for the students to collect insects for around 2-3 hours. Later, we- as staff- had lunch with the students. After this rest, we started again with the students to collect more insects, which we really need in Entomology course. After 8 hours of working and collecting a huge numbers of different insects, we can say [...]

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Scientific trip to Salahadin University


A scientific trip was organized by Biology Education Department of Ishik University. Together, the students and the staff of the department, paid a visit to Salahaden University for the scientific festival that the Collage of Science there had arranged. The visit was on the 26th of April 2018, where a selected number of students from both second and fourth grades of our department to get benefits from the different projects and the exhibitions. Also Dr.chnar -who is lecturer at Salahadin University and responsible for laboratory’s in the Biology department- showed the students different types of laboratories with high quality equipment’s and [...]

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