Research Endeavour and Scientific Greed

A national seminar under the title of (Research Endeavour and Scientific Greed) has been presented in the Faculty of Education on Thursday 9th March, by Dr. Karzan Mohammad, the Head of Scientific Research Department at Ishik University and Lecturer at Biology Department in Education Faculty.

The seminar included comprehensive information about the pace of research globally toward new findings, the desire of the science to seek more into secrets of life along with the continuous fight with the non-cured diseases.
The presenter highlighted the challenges that faces research in national level and how to improve the capacity and greed to motivate new generation of scientists. He proposed new ideas and projects through which the science and research can be more publitized and how to let the community involved.

At the end of the seminar, the audiences clarified their concerns and questions who have been met by adequate information from the presenter.


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