Education Faculty Football Tournament-Final Match

Education Faculty of Ishik University for the second year has organized its annual Football Tournament, lasted from 4th of November to 11th of December.

8 teams with 65 students in all grades from all the departments of education faculty participated in the tournament in which all the teams had a great friendship and fair play.

On 11th of December, 2018 the final match contested between Physic 3rd grade and Math 4th-grade students at 15:30 pm. After showing a great performance by both teams, physic 3rd-grade students won the game with the result (5-3) and became the champion of this year’s football tournament.

Besides the students were watching the final and have shown high interest to the game, Dr. Sulayman Celik Dean of Education faculty, Mr. Ali Bala Dean of students, and almost all teacher of education department have enjoyed the game. In the end, medals and cups were given to first and second teams, as well as to the goal scorer and best goalkeeper.

Goal Scorer:

Agid Amin– Physic 2st grade student

Best Goalkeeper:

Karzan Talib– Physic 3rd grade student

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