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2nd National Nanotechnology Workshop NW 2 – 2018

The 2nd National Nanotechnology Workshop was organized by Physics Education Department, Education Faculty, Ishik University on Dec 23 and 24, 2018 at Ishık University, Education Faculty Building in Erbil. The opening ceremony started on Dec 23rd with a welcoming speech beside an introduction about the university profile was given by the head of board of trustees of Ishik UniversityDr. Idris Hadi SalihHis speech included the mission and vision and the future prospect of the Ishik University.

The workshop lasted two days and finished on Dec 24th, 2018. Everything went by the program announced in the webpage before. It was full environmental science and took two full days from morning till evening times with various scientific activities. Ishik University invited a distinguished researcher from Jordan, Prof. Dr. Muhammed-Ali Al-Omari, as a Keynote speaker for the workshop.

More than hundred distinguished academicians from several universities and from various departments participated in the sessions of the workshop. Researchers had a very scientific environment to discuss their recent research finding and share their valuable knowledge during the sessions.

The attendance’s lunch meal, certificates, gifts, tea, and coffee were provided for all participants for free, this was decided by the Ishik university’ council before. Ishik University was a lonely sponsor for the 2nd National Nanotechnology Workshop in 2018.

The NW-2 presentations in the workshop were mostly based on the published articles in the EAJSE journal. This journal published a special issue on nanotechnology and will be available online after Jan 2, 2019.

During the 2nd Nanotechnology Workshop, the following activities also presented which was highly accepted by the participants and the speakers:

* Invited speaker’s talk: Prof. Dr. Muhammed-Ali Al-Omari – Biophysics

*  Academic oral presentations: Novel studies on Nanotechnology- Published Researches on Special Issue on Nanotechnology- EAJSE journal

*  Poster presentations

*  Academic debates on water purification using Nanoparticles and Nanofibers.

*  Open discussion: “The Present and Future of Nanotechnology: Our Perspectives”

Finally, the events ended with certificates awarding and with group photos for the participants. Participants gave a special thanks to the organizers and Ishik University’s endless support and they hoped to see the 3rd Nanotechnology workshop in 2019 with more activities and support to the Nanoscience researchers.

The Physics Education department would like to acknowledge the support from the Ishik University and would also like to thank and appreciate to researchers who had presentations, to all staff, students and the participants. The Physics department would like to wish you all the best and further success.

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