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Yearly Archives: 2018


On-line Conference between Ishik University and Kazan Federal University


On-line Conference between Ishik University and Kazan Federal University “The dialogue of the West and East: topical issues of contemporary education and pedagogics” was the on-line conference theme where Faculty of Education students participated and received an international certificate from Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation. The Online conference was organized by KFU which is one of the best universities in Russia. It was held on November 22, 2018. Nearly, seventy students and staff members of Education Faculty of Ishik University enthusiastically attended the conference. The participants of the Conference were from different nationalities and cultures. The aim of the conference was to bridge the gap [...]

On-line Conference between Ishik University and Kazan Federal University2018-12-24T10:32:23+00:00

Celebrating Fibonacci Day


On Tuesday, December 12, 2018, Mathematics Education Department has celebrated Fibonacci Day, in which more than 150 students from the faculty were visiting and getting information from the Poster Project Presentation of the mathematics department students about the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers and its importance and relation in our daily life, and real-life examples. The posters were about History of Fibonacci Numbers, the rabbits breeding process of Fibonacci numbers, and Fibonacci numbers in nature, the human body, architecture, Quran, as well as the relation between Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. The event took place in Education Faculty Entrance and started by [...]

Celebrating Fibonacci Day2018-12-16T07:42:28+00:00

Education Faculty Football Cup (2018 – 2019)


Education Faculty of Ishik University for the second year has organized its annual Football Tournament, lasted from 4th of November to 11th of December. 8 teams with 65 students in all grades from all the departments of education faculty participated in the tournament in which all the teams had a great friendship and fair play. On 11th of December, 2018 the final match contested between Physic 3rd grade and Math 4th-grade students at 15:30 pm. After showing a great performance by both teams, physic 3rd-grade students won the game with the result (5-3) and became the champion of this year’s football [...]

Education Faculty Football Cup (2018 – 2019)2019-06-11T10:55:20+00:00

Football Tournament: Final Match


The final match of 2018 Education Faculty Football Tournament is going to take place on December 4th 2018 at 3:00 PM to determine the winners of the 2018 tournament. The match is going to be contested between Mathematics Education Department Team- Math 4 VS Physics Education Department team-Physics 3, and will be held at the Ishik University's Soccer Field.    

Football Tournament: Final Match2018-12-04T07:09:13+00:00

Student-centered Sylabus Design Workshop


On 1st of November, education faculty hold a series of seminars to the education staff. Dean of education faculty dr Suleyman Celik welcomed the participants. He presented a presentation regarding the plans of education faculty on the academic year 2018-2019. He appreciated the effort of education staff for the academic year 2017-2018. Later on, he appreciated Mr. Pashew M. Nuri with a plaque for his effort when he was the head of  ELT Department in 2016-2018. After Dr Suleyman’s presentation, Mr Pashew Assistant lecturer in ELT department presented a seminar on syllabus design. He presented very helpful tips for developing the [...]

Student-centered Sylabus Design Workshop2018-11-07T05:57:00+00:00

Students Panel


Student panels Key factors of being a successful student Some of the topics that the panelists discussed included time management, overcoming obstacles, helpful campus resources, choosing a major and ….. Ishik University runs of student panels for undergraduate and graduate students in the Iraq /Erbil Student panels give you the opportunity to hear what you think of your future so that you can make sure your future really meet your needs.  

Students Panel2018-11-01T12:20:44+00:00

International Conference


The ELT department, on the initiative of Mr. Alfer Khabilin, participated the online conference with Kazan Federal University, Russia. During this event BA student of Kazan University and Ishik University presented their researches and had a chance to discuss the current issues in education in general and in English language in particular. The participants expressed their very positive impressions, stating that  had very important influence on their understanding of education mechanisms on global level. All the participants were awarded international certificates. This year our department received an invitation from Kazan Federal University to take part of the annual student conference entitled “The [...]

International Conference2018-10-29T13:47:02+00:00



  "This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive". Alice Waters    Education Faculty on 28-10-2018 organized a breakfast. The breakfast was held in the Education Building. The Dean of Education Faculty Dr Suleyman Celik, the head of Mathematics Mr Orhan Tug, ELT Dr Venera Ulker, Biology Mr. Aydin Col and Physics Dr Semih Aydin with the Lectures, Assistant Lecturers, Research and Admin Assistants of education Faculty had breakfast together. The breakfast brought a positive sense to the all education staff.


Football Tournament


One of the main and primary objectives of  Education Faculty is organizing Social Activities for its students in order to encourage and inspire the students as well as to make an interactive, friendly and engaging environment for the students. For this reason, the Education Faculty is delighted to announce a new football tournament among the faculty departments'. The tournament is only specific for education faculty students. Therefore, we are inviting the teams and players from the departments of Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Biology Education, and English Language Teaching. The tournament will take place at Ishik University's Stadium. Also, each department has to participate with at [...]

Football Tournament2018-10-26T19:49:34+00:00