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Monthly Archives: February 2017


ELT Reading Challenge


Do you want to earn the 1st reward? Read more than your peers. 1- Read books. As many as you can 2- Read in any language 3- Write a book review for each book you read 4- Download the review template 5- Submit on the ELT website, scan the QR code 6- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd readers are rewarded 7- Deadline for review submissions May 20th, 2017. 8- Share your reading progress on social media #ELTreadchallenge

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KICK THE SEMESTER OFF National Full Day Workshops Event


On Thursday Feb.2nd, 2017 a series of workshops on Kick the Semester Off were presented by English Language Teaching department’s educators Mr.Pashew M. Nuri , Mr.Basar Batur and Dr. Basil Q Muhammad . The workshop was consisted of six sessions. The first session was presented by Assistant Lecturer Mr. Pashew M. Nuri. He presented a workshop named by Learning Environment Set: Tools for the begging of a semester. Next Lecturer Dr. Basil Q Muhammad lecturer read a poem to the audience.   Then Assistant Lecturer Mr.Basar Batur presented a seminar titled by Main Teach You Need: Using the Ishik University Personal Information [...]

KICK THE SEMESTER OFF National Full Day Workshops Event2017-02-20T08:56:21+00:00