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Monthly Archives: April 2016




7th International Visible Conference on Educational Studies & Applied Linguistics  (VESAL 2016) Was Held at Education Faculty of Ishik University In Collaboration  with Salahaddin University. Education Faculty of Ishik University & College of Education of Salahaddin University organized 7th INTERNATIONAL VISIBLE CONFERENCE ON EDUCATIONAL STUDIES & APPLIED LINGUISTICS. The program started with the Welcome Reception in Salahaddin University’s Culture Center the day before. On April 24th, Opening Ceremony was held at Ishik University Campus. Representatives of the Government, Mr. Ali Hussein Head of KDP of Erbil Office, and Intellectuals honored the Conference Hosts with their participation. The event started with the National Anthem of Kurdistan and the inauguration speeches by Umed Aruzery Vice President of Ishik University on behalf [...]

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Third ICEEAS 2016 Ended


Third International Conference on Energy, Environment and Applied Sciences (ICEEAS 2016) was held at Ishik University Campus, in collaboration with Salahaddin University. The Opening Ceremony at Ishik University started with the National Anthem of Kurdistan and the inauguration speeches by Ishik President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş and Vice President Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hamarash on behalf the SUH President. After presentation of the plaquet, the officials, intellectuals and the visitors listened to the keynote speeches by Prof. Dr. Mohammed T. Hussein from University of Baghdad College of Education and Prof. Dr. Shwan K. Rashid Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Charmo University. After the key speeches, [...]

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