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Yearly Archives: 2016


Protein Synthesis Activity


According to publications, understanding Molecular Biology is one of the challenges that students face globally. The sophisticated mechanisms of cell and proteins needs extra class activities and performances. In order for the students to get clear idea about what happens in the cell. The students of the Third Stage in Department of Biology, performed a play activity where they built up a huge cell model in the main entrance of Faculty of Education and acted in a theatre like panorama to show the process of protein synthesis in the cell. The event was organized and supervised by the Cell and Molecular [...]

Protein Synthesis Activity2016-12-29T12:13:33+00:00

Farewell dinner for the Graduates


The ELT Department hosted its traditional farewell dinner on May 28, 2016 for fourth year students, who are going to graduate this year, in Dawa 2 restaurant. Dean of education Faculty Dr. Suleyman Celik sponsored the event. Other attendees included the graduating students, Head of ELT department, advisor of the students, lecturers, and staff. It was a well spent evening for the senior students and everyone. Each one had opportunity to say “thank you” and “goodbye” to one another. Students said their last remarks and expressed their gratitude to every single lecturer. Lecturers also bid their farewell.  

Farewell dinner for the Graduates2016-12-29T07:44:12+00:00

Poster presentation was held on the 4th of December


We would like to thank to 3rd and 4th grade students and their advisor Dr.Hamdi Serin for their excellent work on the project presentation. The project presentation aimed to give fantastic ideas how to teach the basic math topics in a different and understandable way for students. It was not an elegant performance but also a memorable show for participiants.

Poster presentation was held on the 4th of December2016-12-19T09:23:11+00:00