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Monthly Archives: December 2015


The Best Class in the World is at the Feet of an Elderly Person


  Third grade students from ELT department paid a visit to elderly home in Erbil; On 16 December 2015 the aim of this visit was to see the elder-lies’ condition out there. The students served lunch to the elderly and they were extremely pleased with our visit. It was an emotional experience and the students had the chance to witness those people’s personal lives including their suffering and sad stories as well as the happy times .The students claimed that the visit was essential for them because they could have the opportunity to realize how other people live misery and grief [...]

The Best Class in the World is at the Feet of an Elderly Person2016-02-23T08:16:11+00:00

One Act of Kindness Can Do a Lot!


ELT 4th grades of Education Faculty had paid a visit to Darashakran Refugees Camp Primary School on Monday December 14th, 2015. At the beginning of  visit the principle of the school welcomed them warmly and he gave information about the school, students and the process of studying. They visited the classes and provided them some stationary gifts which were bought by the 4th grade students. In some of the classes our 4th grades presented the pupils short English lessons and the kids enjoyed their lessons very much. This visit made the school manager pleased and the kids have a priceless experience and drawing smiles [...]

One Act of Kindness Can Do a Lot!2015-12-16T08:15:43+00:00

Education Faculty at the Food Fair Organization


Students from Faculty of Education participated in the Food Fair Organization which was held on 8th December 2015 by the Ishik University. The event started at 10:00 AM, and ended by 15:00 PM. The students brought food and various types of homemade desert and cookies to be sold out and collect the money for charity to support Peshmerga, Syrian campsites and Orphanage. Next to the student organizers there were some other students who volunteered to coordinate merchandise the provisions. The Dean of Education Faculty, Dr. Süleyman Çelik, visited the fair and appreciated the students’ hard work and diligence.

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ICEEAS in cooperation with SUH and ISHIK


International Energy, Environment and Ecology Conference known as ICEEE has now changed to ICEEAS standing for International Energy, Environment and Applied Sciences Conference. Ishik University Education Faculty and Salahaddin University College of Education have signed an agreement for ICEEAS. After the workshops and as a fruit of a teamwork between SUH and ISHIK,  the committees, dates, topics and all other details have been determined. The signing procedure has been committed by Dr. Suleymen Celik on behalf of Ishik and Dr. Saeed Omer Ibrahim on behalf of SUH. Click for the details here.    

ICEEAS in cooperation with SUH and ISHIK2016-02-23T08:16:18+00:00