Mission and Vision of the Editorial Office

Ishik Editorial Office aims at raising fully adequate secretaries, error free internal and external correspondence and gives support for introduction of the university through the news and announcements.

What does Editorial Office do?

The office  gives in-service training courses for admin assistants and checks the validity and convenience of any document or announcement for correspondence and notification by providing standards and samples.


To provide internal correspondence and assistance corresponding for all secretaries in the faculties or units;

To inform all staffs about the Rectorate and General Secretariat announcements;

To check all outgoing documents (hard/soft data) regarding the university issues;

To make related announcements about important days/events in KRG and/or IRAQ;

To make news about the events related with Ishik on the website.


Activity announcements; Checking and providing assistance to the secretaries for correspondence;

Auditing Outgoing papers; Organizing “Ishik News”’


Internal correspondence samples, preparing “MAIL” groups, preparing a chart for the official events, news samples and etc… .

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