Clubs & Sports

Social Activities plays an important role at Ishik University which is highly appreciated by foreign or domestic visitors. The Club Activities occupy a significant place for students relieving tiredness in the year-end activities. The Club Activities providing social responsibility, environmental sensitivity and personal development offer the opportunity of reinforcing the education.A university is always stated for an intense academic life. However, as a private university, we need to look for a further satisfaction for our “students”. In 21st century, an educational institution without social life cannot open new horizons for its members. Our office is in charge to complete our university’s mission in social perspective with “student clubs”. We collaborate with departments not only for departmental clubs but also for art, sports and social responsibility clubs.

Sarhang Othman                                                               Ahmad Nadhmi                                                 Clubs Coordinator                                                               Planner of Soccer Field                                          +9647511034241                                                                 +964751-103-6266                                 


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