Darbandikhan Earthquake Investigation Report is published

After the Darbandikhan earthquake on November 12, 2017, Ishik University president Dr. Idris Hadi Salih has established an engineering committee under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş to visit the earthquake region and make an investigation on the facts and causes of the earthquake.

The committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş, Asst. Lec. Barham Haidar Ali, Asst. Lec. Ilham Ibrahim, and Asst. Lec. Twana Ahmad.

The committee has visited the Darbandikhan and made general observations on the city and special investigations on many damages and collapsed structures. The committee has prepared a technical report (Darbandikhan Earthquake Investigation Report) about their findings during the site visit of Darbandikhan region. In the report, the reasons of damages on structures are explained in detail and a number of recommendations are given for the engineers, public in general and governmental authorities.

The Board of Trustees of Ishik University has acknowledged the report and decided to send copies to following destinations; Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Development and Planning, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Office of the governor of Sulaymaniyah and Kurdistan engineers union/ Erbil.

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