As a constant part of the students’ activities, motivations and projects, the Faculty of Education at the University of Ishik have held a series of debates under the name of The Competition Debate of 2018. Starting from the 7th February, the discussion was finalized on the 1st March 2018. The competition contained 16 volunteer groups from the departments of ELT, Physics, Biology, and Math. The topics of the debate were controversial and arguable.

They tackled plenty of cultural, intellectual, political, educational and scientific issues, problems, and discussions of the Kurdish community specifically and the globe. Within such an activity, the students were encouraged and directed to think critically, plainly, and creatively. They had been asked to provide enough validated support, logical evidence, and scientific proof to maintain safe and unbiased argumentations, as the assessors, who were a group of the Faculty professors, supervised to appoint the “winner” team each time. The final competition was a crowded and challenging match between the sides of ELT and Physics. With the approval of Dr. Idris Hadi, president and the presence of Dr. Suleyman Celik, Dean, the debate ran.

It is worth mentioning that the debates were regulated and managed jointly by Mr. Bukhari Abdulla, Ms. Alice Farthing and Dr. Rauf, two lecturer of the Faculty, as well as the assist of Mr. Reman Meena, the chairperson. The following students collaborated and joined the session, as they discussed the cultural dilemma: If spouses of today have happier marriage or those of yesterday. Didar, Aya, and Saifaddin VS. Haider, Muhammad Salm, and Omer. The winner team of the whole debate competition was appointed to be the Physics team as they prevailed on the competitive side by obtaining the voters’ likes and the assessors’ academic esteem. What is more, these titles below have been thrashed out meanwhile the competition:

1- Does pre-mature marriage (early marriage) provide a happy life or marriage in the stage of maturity?

2- Is the environmental pollution due to the people’s lack of awareness or the government’s carelessness?

3- Is being a vegetarian healthier or being a meat-eater?

4- Does keeping dogs at houses bring about advantages or disadvantages?

5- Is home-only the right workplace for women? 6- Should absent rates reduce the students’ marks?

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