Clubs Introduction Day

On October 23, 2018, Ishik University was totally different from the normal days of the university, since all the talented students were gathered together.

Student Deanery organized Clubs Introduction Day. The event aimed to introduce the clubs and the instructor of each clubs to the students and as well as to the staff. During the event, each club found the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain their plans and activities by the club instructor and volunteers of the clubs for those that are interested in. In the event, many live performance has been presented to the attendees such as; Daf performance, Live music, and singing song by our talented students.


We as Student Deanery, ensuring that students should improve social skills besides scientific skill. We hope that our students can find their hidden talents in the clubs and as well improving their social skills.

The 2018 – 2019 clubs are:


1- Guitar Club

2- Violin Club

3- Chess Club

4- Piano Club

5- PlayStation Club

6- Saz Club

7- Art Craft Club

8- Reading Club

9- Photography Club

10- Persian Language Club

11- Football Club

12- Turkish Language Club

13- Table Tennis Club

14- English Language Club

15- Arabic Language Club

16- Future Builders

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