Clubs Introduction Day!

On October 25th 2017 Student Deanery organized Clubs Introduction Day.The aim of the day was to introduce the clubs to represent their names for the students. All Ishik students were invited to the event which lasted for 1 day in front of the Main Building. During the organization, the clubs found the opportunity to introduce themselves and to explain their future plans and activities as well as enrolling the students as volunteers for their club member list. Also the event were enriched by our instructor’s live music performances. The students clubs and their number of members at ISHIK University are as follows:

1- Design Club 11- Ebru Club

2- Guitar Club 12- Wood Painting Club

3- Violin Club 13- Chess Club

4- Keyboard Club 14- PlayStation Club

5- Saz Club 15- Art Craft Club

6- Reading Club 16- Drawing Club

7- Photography Club 17- Persian Language Club

8- Football Club 18- Turkish Language Club

9- Table Tennis Club 19- English Language Club

10- Basket Ball Club 20- Future Builders Group

Now the students can register online:

For more info:

Please contact 0751 103 4241 or visit #room 255

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