Master Students of the Faculty Presented their Research Proposal

The Faculty of Administrative Science and Economics organized research proposal presentation for the faculty master students on 23-05-2019.

Dr. Fatih Cura dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Tishk International University, Dr. Ahlam Ibrahim Wali dean of College of Administration and Economics, Assistant Professor Mudhafar Hamad Ali head of Business and Management Department, College of Administration and Economics, Salahaddin University and Mr. Karwan H. Sherwani Head of Business and Management Department, Tishk International University as the review committee accepted all research proposal and suggested to complete research work within a time frame.

Research proposal presentation coordinated by Mr. Karwaan H. Sherwani. The following students presented are:

  1. Mr. Mahmud Najjar
  2. Mr. Milad Milako
  3. Mr. Hervar Barzani
  4. Mr. Aland Sarbast
  5. Ms. Sara Azad
  6. Ms. Zhalla Farooq

We wish them a great success for thesis preparation.

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