Thesis Result Announced Summer Term Academic Years 2017-2018

Thesis Evaluation Result Announced for Summer Semester Academic Years 2017-2018 Note: Students with “Accepted with correction” grade they have to make fundamental changes some parts of their thesis based on the committee members feedback. Other “Accepted” students also should make necessary minor corrections and submit their final corrected thesis by October 17th, 2018 Wednesday. Students who did not submit corrected …

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A joint symposium on social cohesion in the Kurdistan Region

In a unique collaborative initiative between Ishik University’s International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD) department and the Barzani Charity Foundation, a joint symposium was organized at Ishik University to address the timely issue of ‘social cohesion’ in the humanitarian contexts. The symposium which took place on October 7th 2018 came under the title ‘Fostering Social Cohesion: A New Phase of Humanitarian …

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Ishik University’s International Relations Department in Collaboration with Barzani Charity Foundation Organize a Symposium

Ishik University’s International Relations Department in collaboration with Barzani Charity Foundation organize a symposium under the title ‘Fostering Social Cohesion: A New Phase of Humanitarian Work in the Kurdistan Region’ the event will take place next Sunday, October 07, 2018, at the Education Building between 9:00 am-1:00 pm.    the symposium addresses issues around social cohesion among the three communities in the …

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Summer School Exam Schedule Updated

Summer School Exam Schedule for Academic years 2017-2018 Updated. Based on the new update of the summer school schedule the exams are going on, you are directed to check properly. Note: Spring Makeup Exam Schedule the date of Statistic II exam is changed from 20/9/2018 to 23/9/2018 at 11:30 AM for Business Department and Accounting Department Students. Political and Diplomatic History Exam is changed from 20/9/2018 to 23/9/2018. at 11:30 AM for …

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Summer School Final Exam Schedule 2017-2018

Dear Students You are directed to follow the Summer School Final Exam Schedule for the Academic Years 2017-2018. Note: The Make-up Students are doing their final makeup exams with summer school students, Please follow the summer school exam schedule. Attention, If any day is going to be a holiday that day of exams will shift for the day after.   …

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