Autism Day

At the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019, a community service project was given to the faculty of pharmacy by deanery of students. This project aims to help autism patients.

At first, a charity team was created and consisted of staff and students interested in charity group. After that, on December 18, 2018, the group visited Hana Autism Center, there a brief explanation of the autism and the center was given by Mrs. Zagros, the manager of the center, and a tour was made inside the center to meet the patients. The student were very happy to participate in this

After the visit, a meeting was arranged with students to decide how to help Autism patients. At the end, it was agreed to arrange an event in April, Autism Awareness month. On April 03, 2019, a celebration was conducted that consisted of two parts, at first, a seminar presented aimed to increase people awareness about Autism disease. During the seminar, Mrs. Zagros, the manager of Hana Autism Center, talked about the difficulties of being a mum of autism patient, and how she adapted the problem and opened a center to help other families to deal with their autism patients. The details of sign and symptoms, treatments, and prevalence of autism occurrence where presented by one of the Pharmacy students, Mohammed Sultan. Several videos of Hana Autism Center and patients were showed to seminar participants. In fundraising part, several activities were arranged, for example, selling food and handicrafts, drawing Henna, competitions, and measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index, to aid the Center.

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