Keeping continues and active performance and updating our staff and the university academic and non-academic staff with the modern technology is the main goal for our department.

Academic CISCO Training courses

In order to raise the performance and to get highly skilled for the IT Services staff and the Computer Department and IT Department lecturers, IT Services department launches the Academic CISCO training courses for the CISCO Networking and Windows Servers Skills.

The CISCO training courses started on September 2017.
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E Learning Training Center 

We believe that education is a basic human right and a universal human value and should be made available forever. Avicenna virtual center/ Ishik University  is supported by UNESCO for training for the coming year 2018, so we plan to open the E Learning center  and to achieve and participate in all workshops and training and to do all activities related to e-learning programs and process in this field.

The Board of Trustees consul approved to open the E Learning center in our university since September 2017 .The center will be established according to the partnership agreement between Ishik University and Salahaddin University -Erbil.This center will be the basic structure for the on line university and the students will apply for their courses everywhere and any time.

Our plan also will consist training course for the E Learning staff and will then open training workshops for the university academic staff.

By these training courses and workshops the lecturers will be capable to edit, produce, and publish their on line courses (E- Courses) on the university website.

ICDL Training Center 

In order to improve the lecturer and students skills the IT Services department is planning to get the ICDL (International Computer Driving License). Our department is working to build good relationship with ICDL Arabia Group in Dubai in order to open the ICDL center in our university.
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This certificate will give our students very high skills in the computer science and computer technology and to get future secured business opportunities.

Our university is planning to open the ICDL center to give this license for all university students.

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Windows server Training

In order to improve the staff skills the Windows server Training held from November 28, 2017 to March 19, 2018 under the title “70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows server 2012 R2” the course were 4 Participants.