Ishik University celebrated its 7th graduation which held at 8:00 PM on Monday, June, 25, 2018 in the campus of Ishik University. The ceremony started with a moment of silence for the martyrs of Kurdistan and the national anthem. Then some verses of Quran – Karim has been read by Sheikh Jarjis Ibrahim. A promotion video was presented to Introduce Ishik University’s achievements to the guests and parents. Then Dr. Idris Hadi Board of Trustees made an inauguration speech, welcoming all the valuable guests, Dr. Yusif Goran the Minister of Higher Education and Mr. Nawzad Hadi, The Erbil Governor, other private and non-private institutions; academics, parents and the students.


In addition to the successes of the university and good wishes to the graduates, he mentioned that Ishik University had been granted the certificate of ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management Systems since 2015 and Civil Engineering Department has been internationally accredited by the German accreditation agency ZeVA without any conditions, and Law Department has been internationally accredited by the Association Arab Universities.

In the 7th graduation, 711 students from 15 departments will have the privilege to graduate in 2017-2018 Academic Year. The details are as follows:


Dentistry 66
Civil Engineering 82
Computer Engineering 45
IT 61
Business Management 100
English Language Teaching 61
Mathematics Education 14
Law 130
Interior Design 20
Architecture 45
International Relations 8
Accounting 19
Banking and Finance 23
Biology Education 23
Physics Education 14
Total 711


During the ceremony, top 3 students of each department were awarded the plaque. A concert organized in honor of the students. In the concert, the young and famous singer Aram Shaida entertained the students and the visitors.


The program hosted the prominent guest: Nawzad Hadi Governor of Erbil, Dr.Yusif Goran Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Madhad Sulaiman and Mr. Ghafoor Khoshnaw owner of Khoshnaw Group, Mr. Tahir Abdulla vice Governor of Erbil, Representatives of the government and parties, General Consulates. Both Dr. Yusif Goran Minister of Higher Education and    Mr. Nawzad Hadi, presented a speech and they mentioned about Education in Kurdistan evaluating Ishik University in high standards, and they thanked peshmarga for keeping Kurdistan safe.


The University was found in 2008 and currently it has two campuses: in Erbil and Sulaimani. There are 20 programs operated under six faculties. Giving education to -approximately- 3000 students on two campuses, the university offers double diploma opportunity and staff and student exchange. It provides education in international standards equipped with the latest technology. As the students and the staff are international, Ishik is English-taught University, except Law Faculty in which Arabic is used. The application for the MA studies has started officially.


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