A 3-D Model Project Exhibition on Waves and Optics, and Thermodynamics!

Physics education department students participated with their fantastic ideas in an exhibition on January 11, 2018. An important opportunity has been given to the 3rd and 4th – year students to share their works with other undergraduates and faculty members. Our students in the “Wave and Optics” and “Thermodynamics” classes have prepared instructional modules associated with a poster to testify their ability for explaining “Wave and Optics” and “Thermodynamics” important concepts at the BSc level.

These interactive modules which have been provided by our students can be considered as fantastic resources for BSc and high-school teachers who wish to include advanced topics in the physics curriculum. The jury members from the physics department offered valuable feedback on the student’s works. This has been done with public speaking experience and aided the students to understand their research as they explained their project and responded to the questions scientifically. That day was also a wonderful day to network with student’s peers and professionals in all fields, i.e. evaluating students work from different perspectives. Finally, students gained valuable experience to highlight on a resume or graduate application in a future.

We would like to thank all physics students and jury members participating in this fruitful science activity.

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