VESAL is an international platform for researchers, teachers, teacher educators, ESL researchers, curriculum designers, policy makers and more to come together. It gathers educator, linguist, and ESL specialist researchers sharing their experiences and knowledge to an audience of practitioners and researchers. One of the missions of Tishk International University, Education Faculty is to promote international exchange, to facilitate intercultural awareness, to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and to generate and share new knowledge, and we encourage you, as academics working throughout the world, to forge the friendships and working relationships with your fellow delegates in pursuit of the research synergies that drive positive change.

On 26/04/2019, the 10th VESAL conference started with Welcome Dinner at Tishk International University. On 27/04/2018 the sessions started. The conference hosted two keynote speakers. Gregory Morrison who is Deputy Principal Officer at the U.S, and Dr. Nisreen Ameen who is a Lecturer in Information Technology Management at Queen Mary University of London and a Senior Lecturer at Bloomsbury Institute London. The conference ended with a closing ceremony with distributing certificates to the organizing committee members.

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