Student Debate: Future Destiny of KRG

Ishik University Faculty of Law organized a debate in collaboration with Lebanese-French University and Salahaddin University students with the theme Student Debate on The Future of Destiny of the Kurdistan Region in Terms of Freedom, Federalism and Confederation on April 6th, 2017. The Debate was successfully organized and scientifically moderated by two judges from each university to evaluate each group of students. The heads of department from each university attended to the debate.

The debate had the prominent guests such as Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas President of Ishik University, Mr. Umed Aruzery Vice President for Administration of Ishik University, and Prof. Dr. Samir Abu Rumman professor in Political Science and Managing Director of Gulf Opinion Center.

The winner of the debate was critically and sensitively decided by the judges, which was Ishik University Faculty of Law Students: Abdulah Shakhawan, Zainab Al-aani, and Sumaya Rzgar. To be mentioned the originator of the idea Student Debate, it was launched by Dr. Adnan Abdullah, Head of Law Department of Ishik University.

Note: Media from Kurdistan Zagros and Kurdistan TV took place in the debate.

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