University Council

Dr. Idris Hadi 

President and Chair of Trustees

Dr. Mehmet ÖzdemiIr 

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Umed Hema Aruzery, PhDc.

Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs

 Dr. Doğan Özdemir

Vice President for Sulaimani

Dr. Adnan Abdullah Rasheed

Acting Dean of Law Faculty

Dr. Süleyman Çelik

Dean of Education Faculty

Ekrem Ali Ozkan

Dean of Students


Dr. Duran Kala

Dean of Dentistry Faculty


Dr. Halit Vural

Dean of Engineering Faculty

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas

Adviser to the President

Fatih Cura, PhDc.

Dean of Adm. Sci.& Economics

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