Tree Planting Project

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Tree Planting Project

Student Deanery organized a project under the title of “Let us make Ishik green all together” on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 on the campus.

The event started by a speech of Umed Aruzery Vice-President for Administration and Finance in which he addressed to our students and our staff; in his utterances, he emphasized the importance of this project and for the region environment.

Totally, we planted more than 1000 trees at our university. We, as the Student Deanery, encourage all of our students to be a part or at least participate in such projects to improve themselves and serve the society as well as the nature.

As it is known, the trees play such an important role in our environment.. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we all need to breathe. Their roots prevent erosion by holding the soil intact and filter water by removing pollutants. With the reality of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and more frequent and violent storms/floods. (From National Geographic).

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