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Students’ Feedback

2015-2016 Spring Period Lecturer Survey Results

Department Survey Papers Average
Scivil Engineering 48 3.1
International Relations And Diplmacy 258 3.2
Computer Engineering 775 3.3
Architecture 1020 3.3
Interior Design 298 3.3
Accounting 631 3.4
Civil Engineering 1857 3.4
Business And Management 2141 3.5
Biology Education 237 3.5
Banking And Finance 21 3.6
Physics Education 80 3.7
Law 2831 3.7
Information Technology 1386 3.7
Dentistry 3366 3.8
English Language Teaching 1550 3.8
Mathematics Education 278 3.9
Sbusiness And Management 176 4.3
Sarchitecture 9 4.5
Total Values 16960 3.61
Fall Semester was 3.64



The Students’ Survey Includes The Following Questions:


Q1: Were the objectives (aim) of the course useful and increased my knowledge and skills?

Q2: Does the course go along with the objectives(aim) of the course?

Q3: Did the syllabus include all the necessary information (course content, objectives, evaluation criteria    etc.)?

Q4: Did the instructor try to explain the principles, content and main points of the course in a clear and efficient manner?

Q5: Was the instructor punctual and able to manage the time efficiently during the course?

Q6: Was the instructor respectful during courses?

Q7: Were the PowerPoint presentations and other materials used for instruction clear and interesting and supporting the current issues?

Q8: Did the instructor give students a chance to ask questions and try to answer these questions in detail?

Q9: Were the course resources and materiais new and updated?

Q10: Was the syllabus explained?

Q11: Did the instructor follow the curriculum and content explained in the syllabus throughout the semester/year and finished it?

Q12: Did the assignments, projects, and researches etc. help me to understand the course better?

Q13: Was Instructor’s communication with students effective?

Q14: Was accessibility of the instructor during office hours and the amount of time spared for students sufficient?

Success Statistics at Ishik University: CLICK HERE TO  PDF file.

survey Statistics at Ishik University: CLICK HERE TO  PDF file.