As stated and promised by the administration of Prep School, we had a great barbeque on Wednesday the 9th of May 2018, for our lovely students who worked hard to get the first places in the science and language festival of the current year. it was great to be with them as usual, showing them the love and support as the …

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It is  the 3rd festival of Language and Science at Ishik University, 2018. As usual Prep school participated with the biggest share-three countries out of 21- were for Prep school and the three of them were honored as the first best ones, Germany for the first place, Spain the second and Japan the third. It was a really nice and …

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Hand-made Posters

It was a pleasure for the staff of Prep school headed by our Principal Dr. Bunyamin Celik to have a Hand-made Poster Competition and support our students and their work which took them several days to prepare and present. The jury- which was chosen from Ishik University departments- decided to choose the winner as the work was purely hand-made and …

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Tea Party for Mothers

We applied the plan that we already had with the teachers to have a nice tea party for the mothers of the students as to show courtesy and respect for the women who raised those beautiful and intelligent students we have this year. The party was great and we had the privilege as well as we were honored to strength …

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There is an ongoing “ACADEMIC ENGLISH COURSE FOR ISHIK STAFF” in Ishik University since September 4, 2016. The participants are academicians from various faculties. Course Schedule Every week Sundays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 17:00

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