Physically Challenged Students Smiled on the Campus!

Ishik University with partnership of Ministery of Social Affairs hosted physically challenged students from Hiwa Center on the 7th of February 2017 on the premises at Ishik University. Senior staff of the university was among the hosts: Dr. Idres Hadi Head of Board Trustees and Prof Dr. Ahmet Oztas President showed their care and interest by attending the program in person.

The students were given a tour on the campus in which audial and visual translators were used. Following the tour, a luncheon was served for the children of Hiwa Center.

This was a social project aiming at embracing every individual in the society disregarding their physical conditions. Ishik University thanks Prep School and UBUR (language center) and the representative of the Dean of Students Mr. Sarhang Othman  to work together and actualize this significant event. Also, we appreciate the participation of our students (from Prep and UBUR) in this social activity who have purchased the stationary items as gift for the children. After having lunch together with the children, Hewa children spent good time with the university students. As Ishik, we would like to see the best of smiles on their faces and if we can contribute to this, it is a great pleasure for us and we thank Hiwa Center for their co-operation and support.

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