Modern measuring methods in the laboratory by using Dasylab-LABVIEW.

Frieberg University invited Ishik University to send selected members on a partnership program “Project Mechanical Engineering Germany – Iraq” between the Iraqi universities and TU Bergakademie Friberg within the framework of the Strategic Academic Partnership with Iraq of the Federal Foreign Office and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Part of the capacity building program is the training on laboratory equipment to be held in Erbil.

The Content of the training course in the laboratory included; setting-up, installation and configuration of DASYLab software and installation of data acquisition hardware, connecting up transducers to monitor parameters such as temperature and displacement, use of DASYLab features such as scaling, data reduction, data logging with alarms, advanced data reduction (using triggers to capture area of data of interest), use of analysis functions to extract results in real-time and saving data for subsequent import and analysis in Excel.

It’s important that the measures of co-operation of MEGI in Friberg University include:

  • Qualification programs for Iraqi Msc and PhD candidates at TU Freiberg.
  • Qualification programs for Iraqi academic staff at TU
  • Compact lectures of German researchers in Iraq.
  • Summer training of Iraqi students at TU Freiberg.
  • Workshop and training course – introduction of the software and laboratory equipment in Germany and Iraq.
  • Excursion of Iraqi Master students in TU Freiberg.
  • Conference of German Master students in Iraq.
  • Support for Iraqi university libraries and laboratories.
  • Implementation of a high diploma degree.
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