Ministry of Planning Visited Ishik!

Minister of Planning in KRG Dr. Ali Sndi and Dr. Abdularazaq Muhamad Genaral Director of Human Development visited Ishik University on March 29th, 2017 and the guests were welcomed by Dr. Idris Hadi Salih Head of Board Trustees of Ishik University.

Dr. Ali Sndi congratulated Dr. Idris on his new position. After that, a short meeting was held to discuss job vacancy issues in Kurdistan and Dr. Sndi expressed that all institutions, private and government, should work together to help the promotion of the Iraqi Kurdistan. In this context, a potential corporation between Ishik and related vacancy opportunities in future was agenda of the meeting.

Dr. Ali expressed his gratefulness for Ishik’s willingness on such projects, since in the past also, Ishik was also present to do their best to be able contribute to the development of Kurdistan. In the meeting Dr. Ali Sndi Minister of Planning in KRG and Dr. Abdularazaq Muhamad Genaral Director of Human Development were read and from Ishik were Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir Vice President for Academics, Dr. Jabar Sabr Member of Board of Trustees and Mustafa Zengene Director of Media Relations.

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