Meeting between Erbil Polytechnic and Ishik on Cooperation

A delegation from Erbil Poly Technic University visited Ishik University on September 26, 2017.

The delegation consists of Assit. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani President of Erbil Poly Technic University and Dr. Nageb Toma Rassam Head of Delegation, Asist Prof. Dr Hoshyar Amin Ahmad, Dr. Ranj Sirwan Abdullah, Dr. Botan Majeed Ahmad, Assist. Prof Dr. Goran Qader Othman. The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Idris Hadi Head of Board of Trustees and President of Ishik University and Dr. Mehmet Ozdamir Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Halit Vural Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Selcuk Cankurt from Ishik University

They had a meeting to discuss two main agendas which was about joint master program between both side and Engineering conference for next year.

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