Program Outcomes

Faculty of Law Program Outcomes


  1. Ability to understand knowledge on legal system in general, its sources, historical development, fundamental divisions, implications of fundamental divisions .
  2. Acquire analysis & interpretation of knowledge on legislation, judicial decisions and jurisprudence.
  3. Stir legal debate on optimal handling and different legal assumptions.
  4. Acquire skills on usage of legal terminology in many aspects of the law in English.
  5. Ability to deal with texts & legal documents in English.
  6. Demonstrate communication skills on legal analysis and interpretation to express many ideas related to legal aspects of the law in English.
  7. Identify the basic elements of Islamic law, its sources, its historical development, its important provisions, and awareness of issues related to the principles of Islamic law in many areas of life such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, wills..etc
  8. Develop abilities on analytical thinking, critical thinking, logical conclusion and solutions to real time issues.
  9. Acquire advanced & specialized knowledge to comply with provisions, sources of mind and spine basis for each part of the law.
  10. Enhance the application of theoretical knowledge in real issues that appear in the process of life.
  11. Develop knowledge on sources of legal knowledge, techniques & methods of scientific research.
  12. Diagnose, analyze the facts, legal and physical actions, as well as finding solutions supported by the evidence and legal problems, real or perceived. and building a legal personality to benefit the community after graduation.
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