Scientific Events

International Women’s Day

In 8 march 2018 , Dr. Farsat Sofi, parliamentary member and member of the Legal Department in Parliament, held a symposium on women and laws related to their rights and duties in Hall (434) in the Law Department at 11:00 am. A number of lecturers, students and KTV attended this symposium on International Women’s Day. Parliament is constantly trying to …

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Prepare Ourself for ISO

On Thursday 1-3-2018 at 4:00 pm in room 321 Mr. Mustafa Rashid Issa presented workshop about prepare to ISO and illustrate some informations on importance of ISO for our university and our future and he showed the main points of the procedures of ISO and what should we do as all staff of law during all parts inside our college. because …

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On Wednesday 28-2-2018 in room 321 at 2:00 , Dr. adnan abdullah rasheed presented workshop on ” Diplomacy ” The history of human, most of them wars and destruction, but the question is the fate of human? The answer it is not. There is a more civilized way to solve the obligations between states and groups. Diplomacy is a Greek word taken …

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Implementation of foreign judgments in Iraq

On Wednesday 28-Feb-2018 in room 321 at 3:00 Pm , Dr. Abdubasit Kareem Mawlood presented workshop on“implementation of foreign judgments in Iraq”. The Law on the Regulation of Foreign Judgments No. 30 of 1928 regulates the provisions relating to the implementation of foreign judicial declarations. Under these provisions,the provisions of foreign courts in Iraq can only be implemented after the right holder …

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Criminal protection of hospitals from personal attacks

on Thursday 8-2-2018 at 4:00 pm in room 321, Dr. IMAD FATTAH presented workshop on Hospitals are considered as facilities that provide health services to individuals in society. Therefore, they need to be protected from attacks that obstruct the services provided by these health institutions. The Iraqi legislator did not expressly provide any action against the medical staff. He went …

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International peacekeepers

On Thursday 8-Feb-2018 at 3:00 pm in room 321 Dr.adnan Abdullah presented workshop are the forces created by the international organizations to monitor the ceasefire between the warring states and these forces in the United Nations (blue hats) in relation to the head cover These forces are not only formed by the United Nations, but also by regional international organizations At …

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The criminal responsibility of the fink

On Thursday 8-2-2018 at 3:00 in room 321 Dr. IMAD FATTAH presented workshop.The Iraqi legislator pointed out in the Code of Criminal Procedure that some people may not be in a crime, even if there is no complaint by the victims, where the previous regimes exploited this article politically to arrest many innocents without having committed the crime.

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