Scientific Events

The Law Bachelor Degree Program of Ishik University is now accredited

As a result of the evaluation conducted by the Experts Panel of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center of AArU (The Association of Arab Universities), the Law Bachelor Degree Program of Ishik University has been accredited for five years without any condition. The expert panel composed of:  * Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities. * Dr. Ali …

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10-5-2018 / THURSDAY/ Ishik University Conference Place: 100 mt. Street, near Filkey Baz (Square), across Qazi Muhammad, Erbil, KRG/IRAQ.       Firstly, the Faculty of Law at ishik University is one of the colleges that have unique scientific and social activities that have led to raising the university’s status among public and private universities, among other factors. The Faculty …

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Spring festival

On the date of April 25-4-2018 in Ishik University was held spring festival as the university activities every year to make the relations between the countries and cultures more strong with Ishik University and the university presented several activities scientific and social and distributing food to all with information. Law department participated in this spring festival by (moot court) showing …

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Participation on workshop (electronic criminals) 

On Sunday, 22-4-2018 participated dean of law Dr.Adnan Abdullah Rasheed in workshop about criminal electronic and several lecturers and specialists’ person attended in workshop including the represented e of ministry of higher education and scientific research.   And during the workshop Dr. Saeed president of university was presented his word and also dr. Nury represent higher education then was presented (2) …

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Scientific visit to the institution of reform institution

On Thursday, 18-April-2018, at 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. under the patronage of the Dean at the Faculty of Law, Ishik University, and lecturer Dr. Imad Fattah and Mr. Abdullah Shakhawan research assistant a scientific visit was held for the students of the first and second grades of the Faculty of Law, ISHK University, Some questions were addressed by the students to the director of the reform …

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International Women’s Day

In 8 march 2018 , Dr. Farsat Sofi, parliamentary member and member of the Legal Department in Parliament, held a seminar on women and laws related to their rights and duties in Hall (434) in the Law Department at 11:00 am. A number of lecturers, students and KTV attended this seminar on International Women’s Day. Parliament is constantly trying to …

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Prepare Ourself for ISO

On Thursday 1-3-2018 at 4:00 pm in room 321 Mr. Mustafa Rashid Issa presented workshop about prepare to ISO and illustrate some informations on importance of ISO for our university and our future and he showed the main points of the procedures of ISO and what should we do as all staff of law during all parts inside our college. because …

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On Wednesday 28-2-2018 in room 321 at 2:00 , Dr. adnan abdullah rasheed presented workshop on ” Diplomacy ” The history of human, most of them wars and destruction, but the question is the fate of human? The answer it is not. There is a more civilized way to solve the obligations between states and groups. Diplomacy is a Greek word taken …

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Implementation of foreign judgments in Iraq

On Wednesday 28-Feb-2018 in room 321 at 3:00 Pm , Dr. Abdubasit Kareem Mawlood presented workshop on“implementation of foreign judgments in Iraq”. The Law on the Regulation of Foreign Judgments No. 30 of 1928 regulates the provisions relating to the implementation of foreign judicial declarations. Under these provisions,the provisions of foreign courts in Iraq can only be implemented after the right holder …

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