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Participation our staff in IT Services & Website organized workshops & training

Mr. Hogr Haydar participated as a research assistant of law department in workshops & training were as follow: * CISCO: CCNA Routing and Switching: Introduction to Network started on 20th September 2017 and ended on 20th October 2017. * CISCO: CCNA Routing and Switching: Routing and Switching Essentials started on 22nd October 2017 and ended on 25th December 2017. * Microsoft …

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The Faculty of Law at the ishik university continues its success through seminars, international conferences and research published in the international academic fields and journals as the conference addressed many of the most sensitive international topics in many scientific area. Two lecturers from ishik university law department were able to participate in an international conference in Kuala Lumpur, capital of …

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result of general examination -Law faculty-

As new rules come from the ministry of higher education regarding the changes in the examination of law faculty which become unified with all universities. Gladly our students from law faculty got very satisfactory results. The final examination results for the academic year (2017-2018) were as mentioned below:- A- First grade : 1- General English I passed average 73% 2- …

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The Law Bachelor Degree Program of Ishik University is now accredited

As a result of the evaluation conducted by the Experts Panel of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center of AArU (The Association of Arab Universities), the Law Bachelor Degree Program of Ishik University has been accredited for five years without any condition. The expert panel composed of:  * Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities. * Dr. Ali …

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10-5-2018 / THURSDAY/ Ishik University Conference Place: 100 mt. Street, near Filkey Baz (Square), across Qazi Muhammad, Erbil, KRG/IRAQ.       Firstly, the Faculty of Law at ishik University is one of the colleges that have unique scientific and social activities that have led to raising the university’s status among public and private universities, among other factors. The Faculty …

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Spring festival

On the date of April 25-4-2018 in Ishik University was held spring festival as the university activities every year to make the relations between the countries and cultures more strong with Ishik University and the university presented several activities scientific and social and distributing food to all with information. Law department participated in this spring festival by (moot court) showing …

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