Departmental Activities

Law Champs

In the football tournament that was organized by Ishik University, law faculty graduates become champion. Our champions were invited to lunch and after the lunch, they were given certificates by the dean of students. After the ceremony, they promised to become champion next year.

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Final Match Of The Football

In the Ishik University football match between a several teams, including students of the Law Department 3rd grade and graduates of the Law Department in this match was on the date of (7) March 2018 at 3:00 pm at the stadium of the Ishik University and attended by (Dr.Mehmet Ozdemir Vice president of Ishik University)، (Dr. Wasfi Kahvechi Adm. Vice President) …

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Visit the Department of Law at the ishik university to preparatory schools in Erbil

On Monday, 13-Feb-2018, Law Department in the University and under the supervision of Mr. Khaled Jalal and Mr. Abdullah Shaxhawan are visited the preparatory schools in Erbil for the purpose of giving information on University of ISHIK and the Department of Law. During social activity and scientific activity and build the future for them.

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6th of shayan wall newspaper

on Monday  (2017/11/2) 5th wall news (shayan) was published by student from third grade (Hero Ismail arif) (chief – in- editor) and supported by law department and other law students this wall newspaper it was the first issue published at 2017/ 2 /26 the fifth issue was contents: 1-How the organizations be listed in terrorist? 2-The proficiently detector. 3-Welcome to Ishik …

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The Moot Court

The moot court On Thursday, 21-12-2017, at 11:00 am in the Law Department in Hall (436), moot court was held by 4th grade students and supervision by Assist. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Balisany. Attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, lectruers, research asistants and students.

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Visiting to Parliament

Like our science activity by visiting many places today our students fourth grade with Mr. Mustafa Rashid Issa as a supervisor on them and assistant research Mr. abdullah and ms. bayar imad. On sunday 10-12-2017 at 10:00 Am we visited to parliament. our students got many legal informations. like the procedures of legislations and the role of each department inside …

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Joint Program (Master)

Joint Higher Education Committee between the Faculty of Law ISHK and the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Salahaddin, which is composed of Messrs: Dr. Adnan Abdullah                 CHIEF Dr.Abdulbasit Kareem           MEMBER Dr.Huseyin Balisani               MEMBER Dr. KAWAN ISMAIL              MEMBER Dr. BRYAR SHERKO             MEMBER They met on …

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