Joint Master Programs by Salahaddin and ISHIK

Salahaddin University and Ishik Universities agreed on the establishment of joint masters programs and approved the below-mentioned program regulations on by June 13th, 2017.

In the main capus of Salahaddin University, Dr. Ahmad Dizayi President of Salahaddin University and Dr. Idris Hadi Salih Head of Board of Trustees of Ishik Univeristy signed a contract to admit to master program in the following departments:

1- Business Administration (MBA)

2- Law

3- English Language Teaching

4- English Literature

5- Architecture Engineering

6- Software Engineering

7- Computer Engineering

8- Information Technology

9- Mechanical Engineering

10- Mechatronics

The purpose of this agreement is to record the decisions of partner universities to run joint masters programs, also they discussed to collaborate between both side to organize scientific and social events fir the future unity.

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