Job Oppotunity For Math Department

Full time staff positions of Mathematics Education Department

1- One PhD holder in Algebra (who should have experience to teach algebraic courses and MATLAB)


a- Linear Algebra I-II

b- Abstract Algebra I-II


d- Calculus I-II

2- One PhD holder in applied mathematics (who should have experience to teach probability and statistics)


a- Differential Equations I-II

b- Probability and Statistics I-II

c- Pre-Calculus I-II

An assistant job vacancy for mathematics education department with the following conditions.

1- Having Bachelor Degree in Mathematics Education or more

2- Having fluent English, Kurdish

3- Experienced preference

4- Good communication skills with faculty members and students

5- Single ladies priority

6- Open mind and hard working

7- Having ability to add value to department

8- Facilitating the departmental academic, administrative, research and social activities.

9- Having basics of math to study master and PhD.

For contact send your CV to following email:


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