ITCO’17 was taken by the High School Senior Students

On February 11, approximately 6000 out of 7000 registered High School Senior Students took the 6th annual ITCO examination in 4 different cities, 30 districts, and 23 test center for this year, 2017. The exam has been held in Erbil, Sulaimania, Halabja, and Duhok. More than 500 proctors as volunteer were ready for the examination. The examination was formed in four languages Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English for those who took scientific (ilmi) category; Kurdish and Arabic for those who took literary (edebi) category. Hence, the questions were composed of 12th grade subjects for this trial exam.

As it is known, ITCO is an annual Test Competition on Ministry Exam Subjects organized by Ishik University. The main aim of the exam is to raise the “self-aware” generations who know the significance of science and education.

On the campus, all the staff was fully-organized and the students were welcomed by the representatives in charge. In every step of the exam including campus entrance and submission of the optical answer sheets, the students were given full support by the volunteer-committed staff. Dr. Mehmet Oz emir Vice President for the Academic Affairs  stated that our aim to organize this exam is to help students in motivating for the Ministry exam and help them in experiencing about the test system. By the exam the students had a chance to evaluate their condition for the Ministry exam and see the Ishik Family as well.

The Exam results will be announced on main web-page of the university in the following days, please click for the updates

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