Ishik Staff successfully completed staff exchange program in Sri Lanka

Fatih Cura Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics and Krishna Surar Chith Navulur Head of Accounting Department successfully completed their staff exchange program visited University of Kelaniya, Srilakna and met Vice-Chancellor Professor D. M. Semasinghe on May 8th, 2017 at the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

They were warmly welcomed by Professor D. M. Semasinghe Vice-Chancellor and Director, International Student Affairs Prof. Neelakshi C. Premawardhena who is main facilitator to make this program successful.

Discussions were held among the officials on future collaboration between both the universities in terms of signing Memorandum of Understanding, academic staff exchange, cultural exchange and student exchange programs.

Ishik University appreciates the efforts of all members of University of Kelaniya who involved in this program and look forward in strengthening academic relationship between these two universities.


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