Ishik Football Tournament Ended!

Deanery of Students of Ishik University organized a Football Tournament between the dates of November, 2016 and February 21 , 2017.

34 teams from all departments and staff as well as graduated students participated in the tournament in which all the teams had the great friendship and fair play.

On 21 February, the final match was played between Business Grads Students and Law Department students at 14:00 pm. The champion team was the Law Department who had shown a thrilling performance against the Business Grads Students winning by penalty as a score of 3-2.

Besides the students watching the final, the administration, as well, has shown high interest to the game by Dr Edris Hadi Head of Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş President of Ishik University, Mr Umed Aruzery  Adm. Vice President, and Dr. Hüseyin Çakıllıkoyak Dean of the Faculty of Law. At the end, medals and cups were given to first and second teams.

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