IT Services

IT Manager and Network & Website System Director
Prof.Ph.D. Qaysar S. Mahdi

Administrative Unit

General Secretariat

Academic Division

Mathematics and Computer (Informatics)


Master of Sciences

Welcome to Information Technology Services (IT Services) at Ishik University.

The IT Services department is responsible for providing technology services for faculty,

staff and students in order to support university’s daily operations, ongoing teaching and learning.

Our services in brief are:

  • Providing internet connection
  • Maintaining network infrastructure
  • Maintaining a short-term emergency power infrastructure
  • Maintaining a server park of 9 servers
  • Email services
  • School website & intranet website
  • Student information system
  • Designing & printing of ID cards
  • Smart Card access systems
  • Phone system
  • Security surveillance system

Ishik University classrooms are fully loaded with high-tech instructional technology equipment.

Our system room hosts a relatively big server park to support our large network.

University ID card is used for access authorization in several applications.

Our campus is monitored with over 100 cameras 24/7 for the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Our intranet website serves as a portal for internal resources such as:

  • IT tutorials
  • Activity calendar
  • Shortcut to shared folders
  • Phone directory
  • E-mail directory
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