The Faculty of Education has successfully organized its 4th International Conference on Applied Science, Energy and Environment ICASEE on May 21st, 2017. The conference is honored by the presence of three Ministries of the Kurdistan Regional Government-KRG: the deputies of both Electricity and Natural Resources Ministries as well as representative of the Ministry of Municipality and Tourism. The conference started with welcome speech by Dr. Idrees Hadi Head of Board of Trustees, then Dr. Suleyman Celik the Chair of the conference gave a brief introduction as to conference. The representative of the ministries (Dr. Taha Zangana, Mr. Hogr Shaly, and Mr. Nouraddin Said) have took a place to make their short speech respectively. Then, a session of keynote speech has been made by Dr. Aras Khoshnaw with a tremendous interaction with the audience.

However, the conference included many innovative researches and academics such as participation of top scientists of Kurdistan Region: Dr. Farhad Barzinji and Dr. Shwan Rachid. The discussion topics of the panel were the role of scientists as leaderships in community and the methodology of publicizing science in Kurdistan.

The Conference, as well, included awards and appreciation certificates to the participant, especially a surprise award given to Dr. Karzan Mohammad co-chair of the conference after he has been selected as best researcher for 2016 in Kurdistan. The sponsoring companies, the session chairs and the organizing committee were also awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The conference received around 80 abstracts in different aspects of science, energy, and environment with more than 150 authors who were attended to present, share, and discuss their scientific achievements.

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