Head of the EU Delegation to Erbil Lectures Ishik University Students

On May 2nd, Head of the EU Delegation in Erbil Clarisse Pazstory visited Ishik University for a visiting lecture. Ms. Pazstory was  welcomed and briefed by the Vice President Dr. Umed Aruzery about the academic and extracurricular life at Ishik University.

Ms. Pazstory’s presentation mainly addressed two issues; the foreign policy of the EU and EU’S work related to Iraq and Kurdistan. Key points included the overall political nature of the EU, its outstanding success in building peace through integration and its unique character as a supranational entity. Our guest also informed the students about the duties of the delegation as well as their outreach efforts with civil society and other stakeholders.

The stimulating presentation was followed by a Q & A session where students were able to ask their questions. This interactive part featured exchanges on Brexit, recent political trends in Europe and regional challenges.

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