GEDC’s Bulletin Highlights Prof. Oztas as “FEATURED DEAN”

The bulletin of the GEDC has been released. In the bulletin gave place to Ishik University. According to the new issue, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş President of Ishik University has been selected as the first “FEATURED DEAN” for 3 months of year 2017.  Professor’s successful activities at his university as well his previous studies and in the GEDC community played a significant role for this selection. Prof. Oztas has been interviewed after the selection as Featured Dean. Please refer to GEDC official Webpage to read the interview’s content.

As it is known, Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) is centered in USA and have 320 member universities from all around the world. Every year GEDC appreciates 4 members as “FEATURED DEAN” for 3 months.

The main goal of the GEDC is to provide engineering deans and rectors with ideas, tools, and “best” practices necessary to become innovative leaders of engineering education.

A modified screenshot from GEDC’s official page

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