Program outcomes

Program outcomes focus on those abilities that are measurable at the successful end of a student’s academic program in Mechatronics engineering at this department. Performance skills, abilities, and special importance are given throughout the 4-year undergraduate program in order to prepare students to be successful engineers and to meet the department’s program outcomes,

  1. Graduates have the proficiency in and the ability to apply the principles of engineering knowledge, mathematics, and science in the analysis of Mechatronics engineering and related fields.
  2. Graduates have the ability to acquire in-depth technical ability in Mechatronics Graduates have the ability to identify and solve Mechatronics engineering problems
  3. Graduates have the ability to design systems, components or processes to meet the needs and demands of the profession
  4. Graduates have the ability to function effectively both as individuals and in a group in the capacity of a leader or a team member
  5. Graduates have the ability to consider social, economic, technological, and environmental aspects to solve problems professionally and logically
  6. Graduates have the ability to communicate effectively in carrying and spreading widely the knowledge.
  7. Graduates have the ability to use the techniques, skills and appropriate engineering methods and tools necessary for supportable development.
  8. Graduates can demonstrate an awareness of the need to stay side by side with the latest knowledge and understand present issues in Mechatronics engineering
  9. Graduates have the potential to continue the professional development and advancement through life-long learning.