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Preparing Technical Reports for a Better Society in Engineering and Science


On 3rd of January 2017 a seminar entitled “Preparing Technical Reports for a Better Society in Engineering” was held for Faculty of Engineering and Science academics by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş. The main pint of the seminar was “technical reports” for the university, accordingly it was necessary to define and give explanation about the term of technical report. A report …

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Happy New Year


Dear professors, staff and students of the Faculty of Engineering! Happy New Year! Let the coming 2017 will be full of happy events, interesting projects and truly happy days! Override the challenges and bring in changes that you wish to see.

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Fruitful Visit From Association of Together to Protect Human & Environment

Association of Together to Protect Human & Environment was at Ishik University to increase the awareness of social responsibility among society in future starting with students as young generation. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas President of Ishik University welcomed Expert Engineer Saadia F. Hassoon President of Together to Protect Human & Environment Association on the 7th of December, 2016 in the …

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# Hash Code


Competition overview Hash Code is a team-based programming competition organized by Google. You pick your team and programming language, we pick a real-life engineering problem for you to solve. Are you up for the challenge? For each round of the competition we’ll present a problem (see past problems here) and your team will write a program that generates a solution. …

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You are cordially invited to “TREE PLANTATION” event just after the the Opening Ceremony of the “Sustainability Club”. The university administration and students will host the plantation collaboratively. The details of the event are as follows: Opening Ceremony: Date: April 13, 2016 (tomorrow) Time: 11:00 am Venue: Room 202 Items of the programme: The Sustainability Club short.

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Spaghetti Competition At Ishik University


Spaghetti competition was held by Civil Engineering Department at Ishik University. The competition was spectacular between ambitious groups. Ten groups attended the competition, the groups compete between each other according to the heaviest load that can be carried by their spaghetti bridge. The bridge which has the first place carried 78 kg load, the one which has the second place …

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Civil Engineering Scientific Visiting


The Fourth Grade Students’ of Civil Engineering Department visited Bahrka’s Intersection Road Under the supervision of Dr. Omer and Miss Asma at the same time students have been welcomed by the supervising Engineer Andam and took the responsibility of explaining the project, in general he explained all systems where used such as Piling ,pumping system , sewages, earth retain walls …

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